Why Social Media Matters

What is it about social media that has everyone talking? Whether you’ve engaged with the online trends or not, there’s no denying that social media is making leaps in the digital world of marketing. According to hubspot.com, 92% of marketers in 2014 stated that social media marketing played an important part in their businesses. 80% of those marketers claimed that their efforts on social media increased traffic to their websites. It’s clear that social media has become a new tool in the marketing belt.

What can social media do for your business?


Social Networking

Increase Brand Recognition

Higher visibility and increased brand recognition are benefits of leveraging social media in your business’s marketing plan. Every opportunity you get to increase your reach and visibility is valuable. Social media channels are new platforms that can allow you to reach out to the public and form relationships outside of the limitations of the seller-buyer connection. It’s an opportunity to shape your brand’s voice and reputation. Having social media accounts also makes you more available and accessible to new customers, while retaining familiarity with existing customers.

Improve Brand Loyalty

This increased brand recognition often lends a helping hand in improving your brand loyalty. An article in the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship showed that the use of social media tools and technologies were influential in strengthening brand loyalty. Social media allows for customers and potential customers to connect with your brand through seeing the kind of information you post and, essentially, stand for. A strategic social media plan could help you transform your customers into long-lasting brand ambassadors. People tend to discuss things they see in news channels, and that includes social media. The more chances you have of people talking about your business organically, the more likely you will be to grow your customer base.

Gain More Customers

Essentially, higher visibility and brand loyalty lead to more opportunities for people to convert to your customer base. Social media has increased these opportunities most likely for its ability to humanize a brand. When people see your business interacting and posting as a personality online, it makes them feel like they are connecting with people rather than a company. Brands can use social media to act as people do and react to various comments, posts, and events. People like doing business with people, and every positive interaction you have online is a chance for someone to become your next customer. Every post is a chance for someone to visit your site, see your brand, and hopefully become a customer. Of course, not every post will result in gaining a customer, but the opportunities available with social media exceed many other marketing options.
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