Why It’s Important to Have Professional Photos for Your Website

Having a professional image and online presence should be a no-brainer for business owners – but sometimes we need an extra reminder. Choosing professional and high quality photographs for your site can make a huge difference with your online presence.

You’ve dished out hundreds – maybe even thousands – for your beautiful new website. It’s responsive, your social media is linked, and your site is search engine optimized. But something just isn’t quite right.

People are visiting your website, but they aren’t contacting you or purchasing your product. This can be really discouraging, but don’t worry – we’ll explain a few things that could be hindering your online success.

Even a graphic designer can’t turn a website filled with unprofessional photos into a website that says “we’re reliable”.

Here’s why:
When you land on a site, the first thing you notice is its visual appeal. It may not seem like it at first, but what you see affects how you feel about the website and most importantly, the business. If your images are blurred, out of date or inappropriate, your clients will think the same about your business.


The picture of the woodpecker in a tree is the perfect example of a “bad” website photo. Although the bird was stunning in person, it was shot with an iPhone, creating that fuzzy and pixelated look. A better option would be the high quality stock photo of the woodpecker. You can see the difference and how it could improve your online image.

Sometimes, people prefer images on the creative side of things. They want to steer-clear of the corporate photos of people in suits sitting around a board-room table. There’s nothing wrong with that – actually, having unique images may help you make a better connection with your clients.

However, if your clients trust the corporate brand more than the creative brand, then you may not want to alienate them by choosing an image they’re not familiar with.
If you’re going to post pictures of trees, sunsets and flowers but you aren’t an outdoor adventure company or a gardener – that’s okay too. Just make sure that it suits the message you’re trying to convey.


There’s nothing particularly wrong with stock photos. We actually encourage our clients to choose stock photography unless they’re a seasoned photographer. For an extra $30, you can receive high quality stock photos that will compliment your business. Conversely, you can also hire a professional photographer to eliminate the worry of seeing your photos duplicated on a different site.

We offer full web design and development packages that include professional photography or stock photos. We want to make sure that your website is an extension of how awesome your business is.


Having a selfie as your social media or LinkedIn profile picture can give off the wrong vibe if your role is a little more corporate than that of an artist or photographer. There are some really great photographers around that can do quick headshots for you.

If you’re having problems deciding which images best suit your business, just take a minute and ask yourself what your clients would like to see. What are they most inclined to react to? If you’re having problems recognizing your brand’s characteristics, please don’t hesitate to contact our brand strategist.