What is WordPress?

We love WordPress, more than every other website design platform– and you may have heard this from other web development companies as well. Many of our clients ask: Why should I use WordPress Website? How come you want me to switch my site over? What does it do? Well, we’ve put together this article to help you better understand the platform and why you should use it for your website.

What is WordPress?

To put it simply, is an online website creation tool. That is exactly what it does, it make things simple. There are many complex things about WordPress, the functionality factor tends to be rated very highly among its users.WordPress is an open-source project, meaning that it is being worked on by many different people all over the world. That also means that it is free to use for any kind of website! You don’t have to pay any licensing fees in order to build your website. The system is also free to modify, so if you are familiar with code you can make any changes you wish to get it to do what you want:

“Originally started as a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins and widgets and themes and is limited only by your imagination.”

-Website (www.wordpress.org)

WordPress is the most widely-used web content management system in the world. Many famous news outlets, music sites, blogs, business corporations, and celebrities use it to run their websites. Examples include Mercedes-Benz, Ariana Grande, The NY Times, Amnesty International, The Rolling Stones, and the Canadian Museum of History, among many others.

Now you know: WordPress is a very popular web tool that makes it easier for people to build websites.

WordPress Website

Why build a WordPress Website?

There are many benefits to using WordPress, one of them being its versatility.You can use it to build any kind of website from something as simple as a blog, to a complex, full-featured business website. The WordPress system is fairly user-friendly. You don’t need to know a lot of coding in order to use it. This makes it very easy for people to build/add/update items on their websites. If you are looking to create a stunning website, it would be smart to hire a developer to design it for you. However, if they use WordPress to build it, it will be easy to learn to make updates on your own afterwards.

WordPress is flexible, which is something that can’t really be said about other free website design tools. With WordPress, you can host your website on any server and you can move it from server to server whenever you like. This gives you freedom over your choice of hosting (unlike websites such as Squarespace, Wix and Weebly).

Another great feature that makes WordPress stand out is that its code is very simple and concise. This makes it easy for search engines to read and sort the content within the website. WordPress also has features on every page, post, and image that allow them to have their own meta tag, keywords, titles, descriptions. Each page can be specifically optimized, so you can get a more precise scope on the web.

Open Source

Although “open-source” may bring up questions of information security. Open-source is actually more secure than alternative options. Commercial software is only security-checked by the company itself. With WordPress, because it is open-source so many people are working on it at all times. If there is a vulnerability in the system, it is usually caught before it becomes public knowledge and causes problems.

What can I use it for?

WordPress is great for a number of different purposes. It’s perfect for start-up companies because it’s free and can keep beginning costs down while companies build customer bases and start earning more money. It is great for medium-size businesses because it has a high functionality rating at a low cost. It is also great for large-size businesses because it is expandable enough to fit a big company’s needs! WordPress is also fantastic for personal websites such as portfolios, blogs about cooking, fashion, how-to’s etc. This is also a perfect way to build a website built for an event such as a sporting event, family reunion, and fundraiser.

If you have been thinking about starting a home-based business, WordPress is  great to use to sell products online. Your new website can be customized to suit, and that is why it is the world’s leading online web building tool!

Still curious about what a WordPress website looks like? You are looking at one now!

Contact us if you think WordPress might be right for you. If you have questions we are always happy to chat code and creative 🙂