Online Marketing for Business 101 – Yelp

If you’ve posted on Yelp you may have noticed that reviews do not always get posted on the business profile page. These get stopped by something called the “Yelp Filter’, while the filter is meant to block fake and irrelevant reviews it often catches real reviews at the same time.

In order to get the most out of this service we want our reviews to be public. Below are a few review tips to help get your reviews survive the Yelp Filter.

Yelp Review Tips

  • Complete your profile including a profile picture, no profile picture is almost sure to get you filtered
  • Link your profile to your Facebook account, you can adjust Yelp’s access in your Facebook privacy settings but even just linking them together goes a long way
  • Try to make your reviews detailed and longer than just a few lines. 3-4 paragraphs is ideal
  • Leave a mix of reviews, don’t make them all 5 stars, stats show 5 & 1 star reviews get filtered more often than 3 and 4 stars
  • Connect with “friends”  if you are a business owner, add your reviewers as friends
  • Keep writing reviews, the more reviews you write the more “legit” Yelp will treat you as a contributor
  • Comment or rate your reviews and the reviews you receive

Follow these tips and your reviews will be showing on business profiles in no time. IF you’ve left a review that has been filtered before you read this list you can follow the tips above, remove your old review and then post a new one.