The Importance of Social Media

Not everyone may be using it, but almost. Social Media is the largest platform to showcase your business and create engagement. It is proven to generate higher brand awareness, improve your search engine rankings, draw in more inbound traffic and improve your brand loyalty. It’s not just about being there, it’s about maintaining. Where you post; how you post, and who you are posting for, are all important factors when maintaining your social media presence. Devising strategies and over all concepts are important for long term growth along with gaining a beneficial following. Maintaining your social feeds can be time consuming and creating content can be even more so. Coming up with engaging information, and illustrating so that attracts the right audience, is all about knowing your targets and implementing strategies to ignite interest.

Content Generators

Content generators for Facebook are not the best approach. Initially you think you are saving time with this automated system. However, it may be hindering your organic growth. Most auto generated systems multi-post, breaking up engagement and can also post links that are broken or have inaccurate information. Most of these generated posts are used for multiple businesses in the same industry. On Instagram, using downloadable likes and follows can decrease your view-ability. Instagram will use its algorithm to stop bots, therefore: if you use “like and follow” extensions or purchase bots for growth, this will work against you in limiting your view-ability or hiding your posts/page completely.


Your Social Media to be accurate and well thought out. Personalization is important in growing your brand loyalty. They can be made complete with custom images, awareness writing, sharing content, and information that is exclusive and/or relevant to your business. Create a reputation and grow your following the right way.

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