SSL Certificates

You may be wondering what is a Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, and do you really need one? The answer is yes!

Secure Sockets Layer

Why is it important?

Secure Sockets Layer secure the data transmitted over the internet between your computer and the destination servers. This could be your Facebook password or your credit card information when you are purchasing something online. Important information you wouldn’t want others to know should be encrypted.
SSL certificates encrypt information that is transmitted by inserting random characters into the original message making it unreadable to except the intended server. This makes it nearly impossible for hackers to steal your information.

Should I use SSL?

If you have a website, especially one with e-commerce, SSL is a must – no if’s, and’s, or but’s. An SSL on your website helps keep your customer’s information safe. It also keeps their mind at ease as well because it also provides authentication. You want to make sure whatever you are sending over the internet is going to the right server.

Starting in 2017, Google began playing around with labeling any websites that do not have secure certificate  as “Not Secure”. The take away from this is that getting an SSL certificate for your site WILL BE expected at some point. For more information on this check out this article by ZDnet titled Google tightens noose on HTTP: Chrome to stick ‘Not secure’ on pages with search fields.

As of July 2018 all websites without an SSL certificate will have this “Not Secure” label showing in Chrome.

Website Not Secure

Business Web Hosting

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