2015 Social Media Cheat Sheet

The Social Media landscape is constantly changing and your pictures are not always automatically re-sized or cropped in the ideal format. Your online presence is often your first impression to potential customers so it’s imperative you look your best.

The ultimate goal in social media marketing is to engage your audience and create a discussion around your topic, service, product or business. When the post is displayed with the proper care users are less likely to like, share or re-tweet what you are saying. Often you will see posts with blurry images or even images where the would be focal point is cut off.

For a more in-depth look here are the official channel pages:

Social Media Cheat Sheet

If you are interesting in saving time when updating your social media reference our “2015 Social Media Cheat Sheet” and have all your posts and pictures looking just the way they should!

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2015 Social Media Cheat Sheet