I was asked by someone online today “why do I need to update SEO every month?“. I could give you an extremely long complicated and probably rather boring answer to why Search Engine Optimization is an organic process consisting of long term strategies and goals built on the success of both short and long tailed keywords, back links, social media authority and of course king of them, content.

Instead I thought I would share an analogy I like to use when explaining why SEO is an ongoing process and why a one time optimization is not an answer for long term search engine success.

The race for SEO

Think of SEO as a car race. First you build your car, maybe your care is better built and faster then everyone else’s car or maybe it’s a basic car without the high performance upgrades, either way you are in the same race with your competitors no matter what class your car is.

Now consider some cars don’t stop for pit stops, they don’t change their tires, they don’t fill their gas tanks or wash their windshields. After 50 laps who do you think is doing better? The cars that stayed the same or the cars that stopped for maintenance and upgrades every few laps?

Whether its a car or a web site, when your opponent continues to improve and you choose not to not only will they pull ahead but you will appear to be standing still.

That is why SEO is an ongoing process and not just a one time service.