Paid & Organic Advertising: How they work together!

One of the biggest questions we are asked as a Marketing Agency is “do advertisements work, will I get a million followers, how do they work, what can I see?” The list could go on and we are here to let you know that yes, advertising on your social media pages is important, but so is your organic advertising. So, how do these two things work together? And what is Organic Advertising?

Let’s use an example, when you go to your favourite ice cream parlor you purchase that double scoop of chocolate chip mint, maybe you splurge and add a scoop of rocky road. You always go back to this same place because you like the atmosphere, the service and most importantly the ice cream. Later, you are scrolling through your Facebook feed to stumble upon a sponsored ad for your favourite ice cream parlor, you like the ad and click to view their page. As your scrolling through you see fun posts such as new feature flavors, deals and photos of people having fun! thus, you decide to follow the page and you know that you will be visiting for your double scoop of chocolate mint very soon.

Paid and Organic Advertising

That ladies and gentlemen is paid and organic advertising working in harmony. The customer saw the paid advertisement and because they love that ice cream parlor and the ad enticed them enough to click on it, the user decided to venture further and view the page resulting in them engaging with your regular posts; also known as organic advertising (not paid). Your organic advertising and engagement should be every business owner’s #GOALS! The higher your organic engagement is the more frequently your content will appear on your current and new follower’s news feeds.

 So, why do you need paid advertising? Just like an appointment reminder, advertising does the same thing! Advertisements remind your audience why they like your product or service and gives them a little nudge to go back or stock up on their favourite item(s).

To end, it’s quite simple – advertising and organic advertising when done properly with a thought-out strategy in place, knowing your target audience, as well as using engaging and personalized content will give your social platforms a boost, keep your followers engaged and your business at top of mind!