Online Marketing for Business 101 – Getting Started

This will be the first installment in a series of articles we are calling “Online Marketing for Small Business“.

Online Marketing

In today’s market a web presence is a necessity and good web presence can make or break a new business. I’ve compiled a list of sites to register your business with & actions you can take to make sure you start off right with your Online Marketing.

Online Marketing

Create a master sheet of links, usernames and passwords for all the accounts you set up and keep it somewhere safe. This will save your online marketing agency a lot of grief and billable hours trying to track down your information. Assuming you have a domain name and web hosting you should also include the details of those accounts on this “Master Sheet”.

Online Marketing Checklist

  • Google+ – Google+ isn’t the big Social Success Google thought it would but it is Google so you should still it up
  • Search Console – a must have for every website
  • Google My Business – another must have, set this one up asap
  • Google Analytics – by far the best way to track your sites analytics
  • YouTube –  since Google owns youTube you can set up a business page via your Google account, we recommend doing this if you are creating or sharing videos
  • Facebook – a personal account is required to add your business to Facebook but they do a very good job of keeping them separate
  • Twitter – a different approach than Facebook, each twitter account is separate so you don’t need a personal account to set up your business. We recommend doing this to secure your “Twitter Handle”
  • LinkedIn – you will need a LinkedIn account to add your business but again the more quickly you can lock down the handle for your business page the better

Hospitality Online Marketing

If you are running a restaurant, hotel or attraction there are a few more accounts you should consider setting up:

  • Tripadvisor – very easy to set up, all you need is the basic information for your business. Once you submit the listing it does up to five days to get a response.
  • OTA’s – If you are running hotel you know what these are 🙂
  • Open Table – this is a great tool to use for your restaurant and very popular with tourists

Are you just too busy?

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