Domain Name Registration

 Think of your website like a owning a phone:

  • The Phone is your Website
  • Your Cellular Provider is your Webhosting
  • Your Phone Number is your Domain Name

A domain name is an identification label that allows people to type in your domain instead of an IP Address to find your website. When you select Seriously Creative for your Domain Name Registration you can be confident it is being set up and maintained properly from year to year. We have handled thousands of domains over the years and have a redundant system in pace to ensure you don’t forget or unintentionally loose your domain name.


Couple of Facts:

  • Yes, you must have a domain name to have your website ie:
  • No, you do not own your domain. You license it from Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers  or ICANN
  • You pay an annual (or multi-year) registration fee to use your domain
  • Yes, there are some technical things in the background to deal with but that is what you have us for 😊

The bottom line is if you are going to have a website, you need a domain name so what are you paying for?

We ensure your domain name is kept up to date and gets renewed each year. We have heard many nightmare stories of from clients who have even had problems getting access to their own domain names due to outdated information or the renewals just getting mixed up or discarded as spam.

We charge a flat fee for each domain (annually), this includes setting up the domain and name servers so that your domain will be connected to your hosting account.