Logo Design

Your logo is extremely important because it represents your company in just a few simple words and shapes. It is the first impression people have of your business. Your logo should be simple, memorable and communicate.

Think of the iconic Apple logo, you see that and immediately you think of quality, cutting edge technology but most importantly you know it’s Apple and it usually doesn’t even say the name. Having a logo that represents the brand of your company is essential as it is sometimes the only interaction a potential customer has with your business. Keeping that logo and branding consistent is the next important step.

If there is a nightmare logo story out there we have probably heard it! One of the most common issues with logos is the inconsistency. The most common issue we run into with clients who already have their branding in place is their lack of a vector file version of their logo. First off a vector file is not just a high resolution file. A vector file can be scaled either up or down without losing quality. This means you can take that small logo from your business card and make it into a 40 ft billboard and it will still look crisp, clear and exactly the same. This is why it is important for you the client to ensure you receive all the files when you get your logo created.

When you get a new logo designed at Seriously Creative you will receive the following:

  • Web versions
  • Black & White and Colour (if applicable)
  • Vector file version
  • Version with transparent background

Once you receive your logo kit you will be able to make or do anything you could ever want with your new logo!


You may be using your logo in many different applications and need a vertical and horizontal version, a version for a light and dark background, a version with and without your tagline, a version to put in videos, a version for screen printing and embroidery etc… If so, let us know and we can create those for you.


Add a style guide to include the colour codes, font names, and how the logo should and shouldn’t be used.