Performance Marketing

Review Cultivation

Google reviews play an important role in demonstrating your business is trustworthy and that your product or service is reliable. This is true both for Search Engines like Google and your potential customers.  While you might trust the opinion of your friend, trusting the unbiased opinion of a third party will encourage even more consumers to patron your business.

The true power of Social media comes from the implied referral from friends. A Social Media review is often seen by the user’s friends and automatically promotes your business as one that someone can be confident in doing business with.

The big question is how do we get them? Seriously Creative has a system where we can either manually or even automatically contact past and existing customers for you and ask about their experience. If the experience is good, they are prompted to leave you a review on Google, Facebook and\or many other platforms. If the customer did not have a good experience, they are asked to share their experience privately so that we can address the situation, inform you and hopefully make it right.  This process has two major benefits. First, it helps you get more authentic positive reviews online and second allows you to address customers that did not have the positive experience you may have thought they had.

Included in this service is a landing page specially designed to showcase your reviews and drive traffic to your website or social media channels. Here is an example of click here for ours.

If you are interested in protecting and promoting your brand online talk to us today! It’s quick and easy to get started.