Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a great way to quickly reach a target market. Through detailed demographic targeting we can advertise to people who are likely to be your customers. We can base this on location, age, gender, education, income and interests.

The best part about Google AdWords is they are extremely trackable so we can easily measure the results of the ad campaigns.

To begin we will research your competition and the current state of the key phrases you are wanting to purchase. Google AdWords campaigns are based on a monthly budget with our time to create, manage and review campaigns billed separately from your Ad buy.

We can also tie these into contact and\or registration forms, shopping carts, Client Relationship Management software to measure results.

At Seriously Creative we try to make our AdWords management as transparent as possible, so we separate the advertising budget from the campaign management budget. Something else that makes us stand out from other digital marketing companies is we will not engage with clients that may be in competition for the same AdWord keywords or searches. We feel this is a conflict however if we already represent someone in your field and location we are happy to refer another company whom we trust to do a great job.