Website and Logo Design

Logo Design by Seriously Creative

Your logo can sometime be the first impression you make on a new potential client. Business cards, websites & marketing materials are designed with the purpose of promoting your business when you are not there but often they have the opposite effect. Does your Logo Design work on all different types of media? Beautiful colour logo might look terrible in a black and white print newspaper, but it doesn’t have to!

Seriously Creative has developed a process over the years which helps us get you the logo you want and the logo that fits your corporate brand and message. We beginning by creating a Style scape. Think of that as a collage of ideas, feelings and colours that represent the direction of your brand. We together with you to select the Style scape that best suits the need and move onto the preliminary logo design. To maintain a focus on the design itself we often design the logo in black and white. We can focus on the shapes and what it stands for before influencing the decisions with colours. We introduce colours and textures once the shape of the logo is finalized.

A long lasting logo design is a piece of creative collateral that can be effective across multiple types of media. A professionally designed logo will have variations so that it can look its best in print, social media, websites, online advertising, promotional items, vehicle wraps and billboards.

If you are looking for professional graphic design and logo that will stand the test of time, contact us today!