How to Drive Traffic Using Social Media & SEO

Being an SEO and web development company for 15 years, we’ve developed some pretty solid strategies to help you rank better on search engines and to help drive traffic to your website. Many tools are available to use like a business Facebook page, Twitter, and online advertisements. In this week’s blog entry, we’ll disclose some of our trade secrets to help people access your website – because what’s the point in having a website if no one can find you? Now, let’s get some traffic!

1. Do You Really Need a Facebook Page?

Clients always ask me, “Do I really need a Facebook page?”

The answer: Although you don’t technically NEED a Facebook page to have a business, it’s a good idea to get one up and running (make sure it’s branded) to boost your online presence. Unfortunately, without a Facebook page, your business’ online presence can feel empty or inferior to others in your trade.

The problem: Having a Facebook page is easy, but finding the time to run it – not so much. Who has time to manage dozens of social media channels, along with a website and a business? Oh, and don’t forget your personal life!

Hiring someone to help with your social media could be a solution if you can’t find the time to post. Depending on what your business is, 1-3 times per week could work, with 3 times a week being optimal.

So, how can using social media bring people to your website?  Sharing content on Facebook is a great way to get people thinking about you, talking about you, and looking at your page. The trick is finding “good content” that’s related to your business that people will want to share with others. The more times people “Like”, comment or share your stuff, the more potential customers will visit your page.

Tip: Make it as easy as possible for people to get to your website. Some effective ways to achieve this is by putting a link to your website in your status, set up a CTA button, and have your website clearly displayed on the “about” section of your page.

Quote of the day: “Having a website that doesn’t link to a Facebook page these days is like having a business card without an email address.” – Kelly Darwin.

1. Why You Should Link to Twitter

You can also drive more traffic to your website by linking to Twitter from the content on your website or blog. For example, if you have an awesome quote or snippet of information that you think people would like, add a “Tweet This” button. With little coding knowledge (or a developer), customers can tweet your quote out to the world with just one click of a button. Your message could even be sent to a completely different audience than it normally would, giving your website extra promotion.

3. Paid Social Media Advertisements

By now, most people know about paid ads on Facebook and Twitter. The concept is really easy; you pay money to Facebook in exchange for your advertisement being displayed on people’s newsfeeds and pages. If you have a graphic or an effective mission statement, this can be a great way to get people to go to “Like” and follow you or to continue on to your website.

4. Know Your Demographic and Clientele

Know your audience: are you B2B or a B2C business? Depending on what your business does and who your clientele are, you should use social media accordingly. If you’re a B2B business, you should be using professional accounts on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and probably Twitter as well. If you’re a B2C business, try using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Really think about the social media platform that your potential audience is using. Once you figure out where your audience is, you can target them and hopefully find a way to bring them back to your website.

5. Intriguing Headline

Brainstorm a great headline or seek professional guidance on how to do so. An effective title should generally be under 65 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in search engine results. If you want your title to be tweetable, keep it well under 117. A link takes up 22 characters and each space also counts as a character. So make sure to put a lot of thought into it and cut out anything that isn’t essential. You can also add some key words:

  1. 3 way Drive Traffic to your Website
  2. Top 5 Secrets of Social Media Marketing.
  3. Proven Techniques that improve your web ranking.
  4. 10 Reasons you should consult an SEO company.

If you can take all of these tips and apply them to your marketing plan and spend a few minutes each day, you’re sure to increase your traffic to your website, generate some sales, and get some action going for your business. If you have any tips you’d like to share or any experiences regarding these techniques, please leave a comment – we love it when people share with us! If you need some assistance writing a blog post or setting up your social media, blast us off an email.