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You Better LAWYER UP! Just kidding. But we are hoping you won’t have to after we help you get to know the new European Union GDPR regulation, in effect as of today, May 25th, 2018. So, what’s with this European General Data Protection Regulation (or, GDPR)? And how...

The Simple Guide to Spring Clean Your Website

It’s officially Spring! With this time of year comes an inexplicable desire to start cleaning up, clearing out, and starting fresh. Why limit that to just the real world? Now is the perfect time to Spring clean your own online presence and make sure it is refreshed,...

What is Social about SEO?

One of the strategies to obtaining a well ranked website is combining your SEO and Social Media Marketing and for awhile now I’ve been encouraging my clients to combine their SEO and Social Media marketing strategies. I know, this is not a huge trade secret and not exact a blueprint for success but as the web changes we need to be flexible and agile enough in our online marketing to react quickly and efficiently.

How the new Facebook changes may affect you

With recent changes to Facebook Advertising, companies relying on shares and likes for boosting their content are being penalized. The main idea of this change is to create more meaningful content. Facebook has stated it will use stricter demotions on pages that ignore its reprisals and continue to post engagement bait.