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Seriously Creative, Leading Agency In Canada!

"We are excited about being one of Clutch's Top B2B companies in 2020.” —Kelly Darwin, Owner, Seriously CreativeOne of the biggest challenges when it comes to branding for small and medium businesses is consistency and communication. Does your visual identity align...

The Importance of Social Media

Not everyone may be using it, but almost. Social Media is the largest platform to showcase your business and create engagement. It is proven to generate higher brand awareness, improve your search engine rankings, draw in more inbound traffic and improve your brand...

Why selfies should stay off your website

Sure, selfies are trendy and the filters can be cute but are they effective? Ask your self are these images really going to sell your product or best represent who you are and what your brand stands for?

Search Engine Optimization

Why can’t you just call Google and tell them you want to be #1 for your search term?  Having your website rank higher in search engines can make or break your bottom line. The right Search Engine Optimization strategy can make the difference.