Why selfies should stay off your website

Professional Web Site Photography

Sure, selfies are trendy and the filters can be cute but are they effective? Ask your self are these images really going to sell your product or best represent who you are and what your brand stands for?

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Victoria BC

Why can’t you just call Google and tell them you want to be #1 for your search term?  Having your website rank higher in search engines can make or break your bottom line. The right Search Engine Optimization strategy can make the difference.

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Website and Logo Design

Check out the new Website and Logo Design for Saanich Trucking and Excavating by Seriously Creative. Service is what sets Saanich Trucking and Excavating apart from the competition. Contractors and homeowners alike can turn to us for all projects big and small, hauling and site prep. Our trucks are available hourly or by contract. For all your Trucking and Excavating needs we aim to provide our clients with competitively priced, high-quality services.

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SSL Certificates


You may be wondering what is a Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, and do you really need one? The answer is yes! Why is it important? Secure Sockets Layer secure the data transmitted over the internet between your computer and the destination servers. This could be your Facebook password or your credit card information when you […]

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What is WordPress?

WordPress Website

There are many benefits to using WordPress, one of them being its versatility.You can use it to build any kind of website from something as simple as a blog, to a complex, full-featured business website. The WordPress system is fairly user-friendly. You don’t need to know a lot of coding in order to use it.

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What is Social about SEO?

Online Marketing

One of the strategies to obtaining a well ranked website is combining your SEO and Social Media Marketing and for awhile now I’ve been encouraging my clients to combine their SEO and Social Media marketing strategies. I know, this is not a huge trade secret and not exact a blueprint for success but as the web changes we need to be flexible and agile enough in our online marketing to react quickly and efficiently.

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Popular Trends in Digital Marketing

Social Media Trends 2018

It can be difficult for the average business to keep up with marketing and digital media trends. As your marketing & social media experts, we thought we’d share a list of the top trends in the past year, and what will continue to trend into the New Year. As these trends continually change, the way […]

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Social Media Image Dimensions: A Sequel

The impact that social media images have for engagement such as likes and clicks is resounding. However, if your posts don’t use the correct size dimensions all is as good as lost.

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Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Manager

Brianna Green

Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Manager. An Interview with our very own Social Boss, Brianna Green.

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Social Media Fatigue

social media fatigue

Social Media Fatigue (Yes, it’s a thing – No, it’s not life threatening) There is no denying that social media can be unpredictable if you’re not sure what you’re doing. It’s a battlefield out there, and by “out there” I mean the world of internet marketing. One day you can be on top of the […]

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