Paid & Organic Advertising: How they work together!

One of the biggest questions we are asked as a Marketing Agency is “do advertisements work, will I get a million followers, how do they work, what can I see?” The list could go on and we are here to let you know that yes, advertising on your social media pages is important, but so […]

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You Better LAWYER UP! Just kidding. But we are hoping you won’t have to after we help you get to know the new European Union GDPR regulation, in effect as of today, May 25th, 2018. So, what’s with this European General Data Protection Regulation (or, GDPR)? And how does it affect the average Canadian business […]

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The Simple Guide to Spring Clean Your Website

It’s officially Spring! With this time of year comes an inexplicable desire to start cleaning up, clearing out, and starting fresh. Why limit that to just the real world? Now is the perfect time to Spring clean your own online presence and make sure it is refreshed, updated, and fully optimized so you can keep doing […]

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Investing in You & Your Business

Let’s talk about investing in YOU. Do you ever opt for a warranty for a device or service where you think something may or may not go wrong in the future? We’re so quick to make these investments, no questions asked. But let us ask you this, how much have you set aside to invest […]

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2018 marks this year’s International Women’s Day. So what does this day really mean? We believe it is a day to celebrate women, recognize their achievements, and acknowledge the challenges they face. Feminism, in our minds, is the quest for equality. Equality for women, men, and all gender identities. For this International Women’s […]

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How the new Facebook changes may affect you

Social Media Team

With recent changes to Facebook Advertising, companies relying on shares and likes for boosting their content are being penalized. The main idea of this change is to create more meaningful content. Facebook has stated it will use stricter demotions on pages that ignore its reprisals and continue to post engagement bait.

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Digital Privacy in 2018: What You Should Know

Digital Privacy

Digital Privacy, understanding the basic principles of PIPEDA and PIPA. Is your data safe? Unless you are keeping it on a 100% Canadian Hosting Solution it might not be. Digital privacy affects your social media and digital marketing strategy. Stay #PrivacyAware!

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Facebook News Feed Changes: What Does This Mean For You?

Online Marketing

The new Facebook algorithm update prioritizes content and posts from friends and family members over company organization posts. This means that content generated by companies will shrink on your News Feed, and content generated and shared/discussed by friends and family will be on the rise. To summarize, content that generates interaction (i.e. comments) will be more visible on your News Feed over posts that only generate reactions (i.e. likes).

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