5 reasons you should consider WordPress

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Seriously Creative is a Web Design and Online Marketing company with offices in Vancouver and Victoria BC. With over 12 years experience as WordPress Developers we are experts when it comes to WordPress. Designing themes, building custom plugins and building WordPress websites from the very basic to the extremely complex.

Why Use WordPress?

  1. WordPress is Open Source
    As an open source project WordPress has no shortage of developers and designers. This means there are literally tens of thousands of high quality free plugins as well as commercial grade premium plugins if you are looking for something really specific. Being an Open Source project also means when a vulnerability is found it is often fixed before the public even knows about it. I guess you can say there is safety in numbers when it comes to programmers 🙂
  2. Search Engine Optimization Friendly
    There is a lot more to SEO than meta tags but WordPress is a easy step in the right direction. There are many Search Engine Optimization plugins to choose from to help make your WordPress website run faster and more efficiently.  A plugin isn’t going “optimize your website” but these tools greatly increase our productivity when it comes to performing and SEO which saves you time and money.
  3. It’s easy to use
    By far the best “feature” of WordPress is how easy it is to use. Creating web pages & blog posts are simple tasks and adding in pictures, links or videos is as simple as following some basic instructions. If something breaks, WordPress auto-saves versions of the page as you are working on it so you can easy go back in time and reload a page you know was working properly. WordPress is the most frequently used Content Management System on the internet today.
  4. Lot’s of Free Plugins
    You name it and it’s a safe bet someone has built a plugin or widget for WordPress to do what you want. If you need something 100% custom the open source nature of WordPress makes it extremely easy to program for.
  5. WordPress is Reliable
    The WordPress system is bulletproof. Many large high traffic sites use WordPress such as, The New Yorker, The Rolling Stones & The Walking Dead

WordPress Website Experts

WordPress Developers

We have been working with WordPress, designing themes and building custom plugins for over 12 years. If you are looking for basic website to promote your new business or a dynamic data driven site with a unique customer only area and custom web applications then WordPress is the way to go. Contact us and we can answer all your WordPress and Website related questions.