Web Design Process

Web Design Process

Many people consider building a new web site ,especially a first web site, a scaring and very involved process. We have built hundreds of sites and thousands of pages over the years and are experienced in making the process smooth and efficient, saving you time and money.

Step One – What do I need?

The most important step of the entire process. We work with you to determine exactly what type of web site you require and what your web site should provide in the way of content and functionality. For more information about the different types of web sites visit our “What We Do” page.

At this step we also start developing the style of your site. Will it be fun, funky or corporate? This helps us plan the style of graphic design for the layout of your site and the how the content will be presented and written.

Step Two – Graphic Design

Once we have determined the type and style of your web site it is time to being design. Based on our discussion we will create what we refer to as a “Mock-up”. This will be a flat image of how your web page will look once it is turned into a web page.

We will review the look together and make changes to the layout or design elements including the placing of strategic elements like the menu, special columns or sub-sections of content. We also use this review to firm up and make final decisions on colors, fonts and structure.

This step may be perform a number of times depending on how many changes are needed to come up with the style and design you are 100% happy with.

Step Three – Development

Gathering information or materials that we will be required to build your web site is your homework during the first three steps of the process. These items may include existing logo files, content or specific images such as product or equipment photos.

Once we have received all the necessary materials and we have finalized step two, The Design, it is time to start building your new web site.

At this point we take the initial flat image we created during the design and ‘slice’ that up to create your web site. In a nutshell this means we isolate specific pieces of the design in order to build a web friendly structure that will be the template we create your web sites with.

Step Four – The Launch

Once all of your pages have been created and the site is ready to go we do the “Launch”. Your web site is made live to the world, this is an exciting time and should coincide with any additional marketing you are planning for instance, sending out a newsletter to your existing customers letting them know about the new web site or advertising it through a number of channels such as Facebook, Twitter, press releases, newspaper and radio advertisements.

Step Five – Post Production

Once the web site is launched we will register it through Google Web Master Tools, Google Business Center and Google Analytics. We will also submit the web site manually to the top 5 search engines and automatically to hundreds more. In the past this was an important part of getting the search engines to visit your site. Now this isn’t so much the case but we believe submission is still worth performing.

What helps bring the search engines to your site more quickly is having well ranked web sites link to your site. We help with this by linking your new site through our corporate web site as well as some other private web sites that help build web traffic to our clients.

Step Six – Staying on Top

We call this the “lost” step because unfortunately a lot of web companies do not follow through with this step.

Staying on top is important, if no one can find your web site then why have one?

Staying on top isn’t is hard as it may seem. We’ve broken it down into three tasks:

  1. Continue to add content to your site giving people, and search engines, a reason to return to your site
  2. Utilize your site with your customer base. Encourage your clients to “Visit our web site for more information”
  3. Try to create multiple streams of traffic to your site utilizing marketing vehicles such as:
    • Newsletters
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Vine
    • Coupons or printed specials
    • Newspaper, Radio or Television advertising

Seriously Now What?

Does this mean you will always be building your web site? Yes it does! We will help you create a site that is easy to update, expand and modify. We recommend updating the “design” of your site every 2-3 years depending on your industry. This doesn’t mean starting from scratch! We build web sites that are easy to update, after all that is the key to a successful website.

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