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Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Online Image

Today, social media has become ubiquitous, and it’s not just the younger people who are using it. People of all ages, from all walks of life now use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Linked, to name just a few. Even as they communicate with each over via these various avenues, for business or pleasure, they generate content. A certain portion of this content will also have backlinks or references to your site or business. Companies large and small are now making use of social media marketing to add visibility to their brand and add momentum to their online marketing efforts.

This is exactly what makes social media marketing a very potent tool in driving traffic to your site. It can help in enhancing SEO, has immense power to influence opinion & can have a very significant positive impact on your business and brand. The one way of making the most of social media marketing is to make good use of the constant activity that takes place on it and use that effectively to complement your other online marketing efforts.

Well-Planned Strategy

In order that it be effective, you will have to outline a social media strategy and set up different accounts on social media for your business. Ensure that you brand all the relevant social media pages and then develop campaigns & content that will effectively support the strategy and influence users. It can help in lead generation and it adds to sales which in turn boosts your bottom line. Once you set up a well-planned social media marketing strategy in place, you will be able to tap very easily into the online 2-way conversation that takes place between customers and your business.

It’s All About Branding

You will have visibility about who is discussing your brand and where it is being discussed. This will help you plan exactly where involvement will be most beneficial to you. You can also analyze all this data and modify and scale your strategies and effectively leverage all the functionality that social media marketing offers you. It will give your business the visibility it needs to become successful and profitable. There is hardly any other avenue that can provide you with this kind of reach. Once you have all the leads you need and have connected with customers, it becomes easier to retain the existing ones and make new connections.

Social Start-Up Package

This strategy is designed for businesses that have decided to enter into Social Media arena but do not currently have a strategy, or in some cases, many cases, an employee or staff member has set up some social media channels but not much has been done with them. This is a great way to get started even if you plan on maintaining your own Social Media channels once you are up and running, remember every strong structure starts with a well designed foundation.

Included in the Social Media Start Up is the following:

We will set up or update 3 of the following Social Media Channels for you with your own custom branding and company information:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

To help kickstart your social media channels and get your fanbase growing, we will set up a one-month online marketing campaign. This will include a combination of pay per click advertising, social media boosting and connecting with other businesses via your social media channels.

Investment for the Social Media Start-Up Package $510.00

Social Media Communication Plan

This is an option for those people that would like learn how to handle their own social media accounts, or for those wanting a structured approach that they could hold as a guideline for their employees that are in charge of the social media accounts.  This is a great option to combine with the social media start-up package.

  • Free 30 minute consultation to discuss your current state and goals.

What’s Included:

  • 1 hour consultation to determine branding strategy and goals. We will help you get clear on how you want to come across online and what types of audiences you want to reach out to. We will narrow down a clear path for your social media and help you create a branding strategy that will hold relevance in the future as well as right now. This consultation will involve a discussion about who you are and how your business is, and what you would like it to represent. We will also come out with clear goals that will fuel the purpose of the social media plan.
  • As per our discussion, we will provide you with a detailed social media plan that outlines goals, strategies, schedules, and evaluation techniques. We will also include information on reputation management and how to handle various situations online.
  • Posting guidelines to help you determine what to post and what not to post.

Investment for a Social Media Communication Plan $350.00


Monthly Social Media Marketing Packages

#1 The Proactive Approach

  • 2-3 Posts\Tweets per week on one channel
  • Monthly Branding updates such as seasonal cover, profile images and sales or events
  • Online Social Response and Interactions

$300 monthly investment

#2 Leader of the Pack

  • 4-5 Posts\Tweets per week
  • Social Advertising and Post\Tweet boosts once per week
  • Quarterly Social Media Contests
  • Frequent Branding updates such as seasonal cover and profile images
  • Online Social Response and Interactions
  • Monthly Social Media Analytics Report

$550 monthly investment

#3 Let’s Get Serious

  • Daily Posts\Tweets per week if appropriate
  • Social Advertising and Post\Tweet boosts
  • Monthly Targeted Advertising Campaigns
  • Frequent Branding updates such as seasonal cover and profile images
  • Custom business related graphics and memes
  • Online Social Response and Interactions
  • Active Social Network Building
  • Monthly Social Media Analytics Report

$750 monthly investment


* All Packages are month to month and include channel monitoring as well as replying to messages, answering questions and completing likes, retweets and ups for posts by others in your network channel.


We also offer custom solutions. Bundle your Social Media Marketing with Monthly Site updates and SEO for even more impact.

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