Brochure-style website

Creating a “Brochure-style Web Site” or basic website can be a fun and easy process using the following steps:

  1. Determine your look & feel
  2. Set goals & direction
  3. Create web pages and insert the content
  4. Optimize the site
  5. Promote the web site
  1. Determine your look and feel

    Usually the best place to start when designing your new web site is with the logo. Consistency on your web site is important so we begin by matching your colors, fonts, and the feel of your web site with your existing logo. If you do not have a logo our designers can create one.

    Once the colors, fonts, and feeling of the web site are decided we start on what is called the wireframe. This is basically the structure of the site– things like the placement of the menus, the areas where specific pieces of content will go, and how the navigation will work.

    When the wire frame is completed we will then “skin” the site by applying the colors, textures, and images to the frame work to create a layout for a typical page of your new web site.

  2. Set goals and direction

    Businesses must have a website these days, but what is your site really used for? Determining the main goal of your site is important to figure out in the beginning of the development stage. For example, is your site’s main purpose to sell a product online or is it to provide information about your products in order to entice people to visit your store?

    The direction is what leads visitors to the final call to action. The call to action could simply be to encourage the customer to call you on the telephone, purchase your product in the store, or perhaps buy something right then and there through your shopping cart.

    Not all websites are made for online shopping: You can’t buy a can of Coke at coca-cola.ca because their website’s purpose is to encourage your next purchase when you are at a store. You can’t buy a house at mls.ca but you can make list of houses you would like to view.

    The main point is to know your goal so we can achieve it.

  3. Create the pages and insert the content

    The content of your pages is provided by you (in a WORD document) in final form or point form.

    If you are providing your content in final form we will not alter it in any way outside of formatting it to stay consistent with the style of the web site.

    The other option is providing your content in point form, including selling points and details. Our Professional Copywriters will then write your content for you. This is almost always the more effective way to go– professionally written copy always stands out against the do-it-yourself.

  4. Optimize the site

    Each and every web site we build starts out optimized for your keywords and search phrases. Prior to the site being released we go through each page manually and perform the following:

    • Check that all code is optimized such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML & PHP ensuring the page load time and size is as efficient as possible
    • Create and optimize META tags and Title tags based on your keywords and search phrases
    • Create and optimize page headings, sub-headings and bullet points against your keywords and search phrases
    • Perform a final check of file and directory names to ensure they are optimized

    There are other actions we can perform on the site for customers that are wanting to pursue a more aggressive SEO campaign. This custom strategy is based on the goals and direction of your site and are better discussed in person.

  5. Promote the web site

    The most common mistake on the internet is thinking “If you build it, they will come”. You may have the coolest, most optimized informative website in the world, but no one will know unless you tell them!

    At the launch of each new website, we automatically perform a few steps to help get your site off to a good start:

    • Installation of a web site traffic tracking tool
    • Business Registration in Google
    • Manual submission to Google, Bing & Alexa
    • Link off of our web site (this helps get search engines there faster)
    • Automated Bulk submission to over 1,000 smaller web engines and spiders

    So how do you grow your website from here? We have a number of ways to help get your site off to a good start and build a following.

    As the Internet evolves, web promotion continues to get much more diverse. Below are a few areas where we can offer assistance or management for you:

    • Facebook pages, groups and advertising
    • Twitter set-up and management
    • Pay Per Click advertising such as Google, Bing & Facebook
    • General Site promotion such as:
      • Article submission to related web sites and forums
      • Link & Banner exchanging
      • Affiliate set up for e-commerce

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