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With our Organization Diagnostic Instrument, we use survey-based quantitative and qualitative research along with sophisticated statistical modeling, to find out exactly where your organization can improve. Know your organization, and strategize for the future.

How healthy is your business?

Keeping your business strong is like keeping your body strong. Medical doctors specialize in the health of the human body, identifying the diseases that make us sick. At CDR Diagnostics, we specialize in the health of organizations, identifying the problems and pathologies that hurt organizational effectiveness.

It’s Time For a Checkup

Like different resolutions of an X-Ray or MRI, segmented ODI results are the equivalent of taking a high level master scan of the organization. When analyzed together, they provide business owners and professional managers with a powerful tool for assessing and quantifying their organization, its overall health and specific issues.

The ODI collects data directly from all areas of your organization via an online survey hosted on our secure servers. We then use a series of advanced statistical tools and processes to identify the overall health of each dimension, and the level of impact each dimension is having on all of the others. The survey itself has been deliberately made as simple as possible, and usually takes each member of your organization less than 15 minutes to complete. However, the statistical models used to identify the relationships between dimensions are highly advanced and recalculated mathematically based on each client’s survey results in order to best reflect their own unique business realities.


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